Research Assistants

Ebony Beyah
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Ebony Beyah is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in psychology who transferred to UCLA from a community college. Her experience working in community engagement sparked her interest in the TRUST Lab. Ebony is particularly interested in understanding how psychological disorders influence addiction as well as how to effectively treat psychological disorders. She aspires to be a clinical psychologist who specializes in addiction and hopes to continue working with underserved groups.


Mishell Carcamo (she/her/ella)
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Mishell is a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology with a minor in Central American Studies. She is interested in clinical psychology and her passion for equity and accessibility fuels her interest in making therapy accessible for everyone by dismantling language, cultural, and financial barriers. In the future, she hopes to be a licensed clinical social worker and help undocumented immigrants work through the traumas of migration, connection to resources, and community healing.


Hani Cho
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Hani Cho is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Psychobiology and minoring in Art History. She is interested in exploring family dynamics in Asian American households, such as intergenerational trauma and emotional abuse, and their contributions to long term mental health outcomes. In the future, she hopes to become a psychiatrist specializing in serving Asian youth.



Daniella Diaz
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Daniella is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology with a minor in Chicana/o/x Studies. She is interested in researching and implementing culturally competent care for trauma, psychosis, and depression, particularly in Latinx immigrant communities. She hopes to increase awareness and accessibility of mental health care within underserved communities, as well as utilize advocacy to affect public policy. In the future, she hopes to earn a doctorate degree and work within the field of Clinical Psychology.


Alyssa Gore
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Alyssa Gore is a second-year Psychology major with hopes to be a psychologist specializing in working with children in the foster care system. Her research interests focus mainly on the impact of mental health disorders and stress on child and adolescent development.




Sela Jasim
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sela Jasim is a second year Psychobiology major. She has an interest in exploring mental health adversities of underserved communities, with a particular interest in refugee health. In the future, she would like to continue her education by going to medical school and becoming a psychiatrist. In her career, she hopes to help break down mental health stigmas in healthcare.



Matthew Jimenez
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Matthew Jimenez is a UCLA third-year Psychology undergraduate research assistant and transfer student from Moorpark College. He plans on pursuing graduate school and becoming a Psychologist or Professor in the future. He is currently exploring a breadth of knowledge and training in research and psychological science to expand what he is passionate about and would like to research in the near future. He is also a research assistant in the DiSH Lab at UCLA exploring about the different field of Psychology and research.


Kristina G. Lopez
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Kristina G. Lopez is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology with a minor in Chicana/o/x Studies. She is particularly interested in understanding the impacts and implications of systemic injustice on Latiné child development and mental health. Kristina aspires to be a mental health clinician in elementary school based settings in order to support the implementation of culturally competent mental health interventions and programs.



Shahd Mahmoud
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Shahd Mahmoud is a fourth-year undergraduate student at UCLA majoring in Psychology. Her primary area of focus lies in exploring how relationships children establish with their caregivers affect subsequent relationships they form in adulthood, particularly in examining the role intersectional identities play in shaping these interpersonal dynamics. She strives to learn more about trauma in hopes of alleviating its effects on both child development and the longevity of relationships.



Akansha Magal
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Akansha is a second year student majoring in Psychobiology with a minor in Asian American Studies. She hopes to explore South Asian immigrant women’s experiences with intimate partner violence, their views on seeking help and reporting abuse, and access to informal or formal sources of support. She plans to pursue a career in counseling and preventive research to apply her findings within her community. As part of the Bruin Mental Health Advisory Committee and Mann Mukti, she provides feedback on mental health programs and services on campus and pushes for culturally sensitive care. In her free time, she enjoys gaming, trying new cuisines, and exploring the city.


Luz Martinez
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Luz is a third-year undergraduate at UCLA double majoring in Psychology and Education and Social Transformation. She is interested in clinical psychology and psychology of intimate relationships. Moreover, her passion for psychology sparked her interest in working with the TRUST lab and investigating the effects of trauma on underserved communities. She has experience working with children and organizations that focus on empowerment for low-income communities. In the future, she plans to continue with graduate school and become a licensed clinical social worker. She hopes to provide effective and accessible therapy to underserved communities.


Makena Tinney
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Makena is a 3rd-year psychology student. She is interested in researching and understanding the experience of justice-involved youth and associated rates of recidivism. More generally, Makena hopes to explore how protective and risk factors (such as social support and trauma exposure, respectively) impact incarcerated populations. In the future, she plans to pursue a graduate degree and a career in forensic psychology.




Victoria Yu
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Victoria Yu is a third year UCLA undergraduate majoring in Psychology and minoring in Disability Studies. She is interested in studying children and adolescents’ development and mental health outcomes, especially in underserved communities. She is involved with UCLA’s Stop the Traffik LA club and hopes to serve the community as a school psychologist in the future.


Alumni Research Assistants

Dessery Arreola, B.A.
Kimberly Brown, B.A.
Vidhi Jain, B.A.
Alejandro Carranza, B.A.
Seerat Chawla, B.A.
Sara Fardeheb, B.A.
Sarah Hamza, B.A.
Jessica He, B.A.
Katherine Hernandez, B.A.
Joanna Huang
Gena Huynh, B.A.
Gloria Jiyoon Kim, B.A.
Irene Lee, B.A.
Nayeli Lopez-Ortiz, B.A.
Camilee Marquez, B.A.
Elizabeth Marquez, B.A.
Adriana Mororo, B.A.
Raksha Narasimhan, B.A.
Emmanuel Ogunrinde, B.A.
Artem Romanov, B.A.
Saachi Shah
Angela Somantri, B.A.
Sara Wadhwa, B.A.
Nicole Xu